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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Special dancers

'Dancers' or '踊り子' as they are referred to in Japanese, are five (three if you're playing the DS Taiko games) characters which take up the space on the bottom screen and just stand there dancing to the music currently playing, and go faster or slower according to the tempo of the song. They serve no functional purpose in the game except to provide an indicator for how well you are doing; the closer you are to Normal Clear, the more dancers there will be at the bottom, starting from one and going up to five.

The dancers are usually Taiko no Tatsujin side characters with generic Japanese-style or carnival backgrounds, but on certain songs the dancers will be characters from outside the series, usually in collab songs, anime songs and certain game songs. Arranged in no specific order are all the special dancers that have appeared in Taiko no Tatsujin so far. Click each image to view it full-size.

Rip Slyme songs (iOS only)

Family Dondon/
Danba Danba Din Dan
Oshiri Kajiri Mushi

Gegege no Kitarou

Yume o Kanaete Doraemon/
Odore Dore Doraemon Ondo*
(*except DS3)
Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Chikyuu wa Tamagotchi?!/
Go-Go Tamagotchi!*
(except Wii3)
Gundam songs
(Taiko Mobile only)

Sakura (Haru) / Taiko Samurai
(Taiko PSP2 only)

Iimondana Furusato wa
Meiji Karl no Uta
Pan Paka Pants

Papa Mama Mc

Yawaraka Sensha
(except Taiko 10,0,PS2 7)
Yappari Saru Getchu

Fukou no Kuni no Ohime-sama

Okashi Deka no Uta

Pirameki Taisou (Wii3 only)

Miku songs*
(except 12.5,Wii3,4)
Mojipittan (old) + random
GM/Namco Originals
Mojipittan (new) + random
GM/Namco Originals

IdolM@ster (except DS1)
*Many different types
Slime Mori Mori Dragon
Quest 2
Dragon Quest VIII theme song

Stepping Wind- Kaze no
Klonoa+random GM/Namco
Originals (PS2 only)
Susume! Driller+random GM/
Namco Originals (PS2 only)

Namcot Medley+random GM

Super Mario Bros.New Super Mario Bros. WiiOverture IX
Monster Hunter Medley

Monster Hunter Medley
(Portable 3rd edition)

Monster Hunter 3G Medley

Sonic 4 Episode 1 Medley

MachineGun Kiss

Shishihagemai (PSP2 only)

Bouken Hiyori (PSP2 only) Nagisa no AndromedaHyakka Ryouran (PSP DX only)
All Megpoid GUMI songs Overture X (0.5)Overture X (Wii 5)
Great Animal Kaiser Memeshikute (PSP DX only)All IA songs

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  1. Err... I notice some mistake... I think it should be Megpoid GUMI. O3O

  2. Monster Hunter Medley iOS:

  3. Brass Band Pac iOS:

    Ultraman songs iOS:

    Classic Namco game songs (I think) iOS:

    Spleunker iOS:

  4. Em...I like to point out it's not called 'Enshin Sentai Go-Onger', it's 'Engine Sentai Go-Onger'.

    (炎神 is pronounced as 'Enjin' hence the english name 'Engine' on the name of the song and the cameo character group of that song)

  5. And they are new special dancers in Touhou Project Arrange!
    And they you forget that!

  6. And they are new special dancers in Touhou Project Arrange!
    And they you forget that!

  7. Hope you respond, or someone at least, since this is the place with the know how on this game.

    Does the Android version of Taiko no Tatsujin Plus have special dancers? I know the song count is a lot lower than the iOS version, but would it also be missing special dancers for the Touhou and iM@S songs? I've been searching for answers, but find nothing.