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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bandai Namco Live TV streaming - First look to Taiko 3DS's Story mode

Now that (almost) all the hidden goodies of the first 3DS Taiko have been revealed, we can peacefully cover the latest Taiko Team stream from the day before July 12, this time hosted on their own Live TV instead of Ustream. The Youtube video above offers a full coverage of it, but if you want a written summary, click 'Read More'.

Credit to Glaroid Room and Zekira for the images below!


After Taiko Team's presentations and the airing of Taiko 3DS' promotional video and TV commercial, the stream starts proper with all the team members gathering around discussing the new game. First on their agenda; what everyone loves from them. Sketches! This time, the theme is Taiko 3DS story mode.


The first character to pop up is the princess Soprano. Lovely, isn't she?



Then suddenly this odd ballet dancer (representing Maou) with the creepy face snatches her voice away and splits it into seven parts!


With the orbs scattered, apparently it sets off all the bad occurrences in the world, including pollution, sickness, retrenchment of jobs, and....back pain. BOSSLIKE Don-chan and Raruko looks on.




And so it's up to derpy Don-chan and uber realistic Raruko to save the world Dragon Quest-style! Best collab ever? Best collab ever.

We then get to some actual Taiko 3DS gameplay, featuring the first boss battle on Futsuu mode (Ashu, the rose guy), with some dialogue.



We don't know who this fellow is, but apparently he's the rose boss' human form or something.


(by the way, the power-ups look very similar to the energies of the Pokémon Trading Card game, do they? NDR Zekira)


Next a random girl in the show plays Taberuna 2000 on Futsuu. And though she failed (barely), she is awarded with four Don-Chan plushies! Jealousy sets in among the Taiko Time admins.


Then a commercial for the CreoFuga contest about Gumi and the three future Vocaloid songs on Taiko 0 has been aired!

The CM is followed by a list of Taiko PSP DX's most recent downloadable songs. When will July's songs be announced?


Then, commercials time again! This time, featuring again the two recent soundtrack CDs (an 'evolved version' from last streaming's spot version) and THE RETURN OF STANDING DON-CHAN.


The last thing offered in the streaming is a Taiko 3DS multiplayer session, with Etou mastering his colleagues on Memeshikute Oni.


  1. Not very good at reading Japanese, but that blonde guy is Alto (Aruto) the Bard, who plays the song to be used in boss battles. (He also appears before fighting Mama Fecole)

    Suspecting of some relation between him and P. Soprano, both names indicating quality of voice in musical terms.

    1. He 'plays the song'? Interesting. Very interesting.