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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another future upgrade for Taiko 0

Last year a website put up promotional posters for the HD Taiko three months before any official announcement from Namco. And once again, that website has once again opened reservations for an upgraded cabinet! (click here to see details). Let's see what's new.

1) This upgrade kit will be released on late July 2012, probably after Taiko 3DS's release (don't be tricked by the other date; May 18th is the deadline for preordering the kit!).

2) It looks like this new upgrade is not software-only like the others, since the price is quite high: 278,000 Yen, the actual cost for a brand new Taiko 14 arcade! Which means....another cabinet replacement?

3) According to the description, this upgrade will bring new songs, new modes and a ...camera? That's right: even Taiko will now have a camera like most of Namco's cabinets! It's probably just used either to goof around or add a profile picture to your Banapassport profile though.

Credits to crystalsuicune for the find!


  1. An amazing upgrade for Taiko 0... I wonder in what these new mode consist ^^. Regarding the new songs, maybe Joubutsu finally appeared on Arcade :p.

  2. Or - you know - that Show Done Kai song it was supposed to be into Taiko 0 since Day 1 lol