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Sunday, April 1, 2012

DOKODON Fighters!

The next wave of fighting games is upon us! With continued success of all the Street Fighter games and their remakes and their remakes of remakes and crossovers, Namco has decided to make a Taiko no Tatsujin fighting game, called DOKODON Fighters!

Excited? Remember what day it is today? (check out the background text, it says 'uso'(lie) and 'april fools' all over it lol)

Even if you've known from the beginning, all the stuff Namco put together has been really crazy epic, with background story, full character lists and move lists and everything! Even Tatsu-don! Uses the NYAMCO TypeXX arcade cabinet, with 16 directional analog stick (wow), 4 large Taikos, and a turntable! To be released on Spring 2765!

You can check out what they've been clowning over at the special Twitter account set up for Dokodon Fighters, which also has 'uso' (lie) in its name.

Let's see the characters and 'promotional poster'! Click on them to view full size. They're difficult to translate so I'll leave them at that (regardless of whether you know Japanese they're all a handful of laughs anyway!)

Note the kanji in 'tatsujin' is reversed, and becomes 'hitotachi'.

Everyone.....SO HARDCORE.

Happy April Fools and see you next year!