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Sunday, February 19, 2012

pikaby asks: Kikyoku series speculation

mgwrt7. Supposedly the 7th song in the Kikyoku series when there's only six revealed, one being a soundtrack premiere. I've been sleeping on it for a few days actually and can't resist to do a little prediction of my own since it's unusual for a series to get so many new sequels in one go. Considering this 7th song exists of course, which I have high hopes for.

Check the titles of both Kikyoku songs again.

Tanpou ~Blooming~ (綻放 ~Blooming~)
Hanayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ (花漾 ~Flourishing Blossoms~)

Don't you think they follow a progression of some sort? We don't know Tanpou's ID yet, but these two look like they're connected, so they're either 5 and 6, or 6 and 7. Either way there's one extra song. If Tanpou is 5, then the 7th song could be based on a harvest festival or flowers bearing fruit. If Tanpou is 6, the prequel could be something about a seed sprouting into a tree. It makes sense, doesn't it? A sub-series in Kikyoku that follows a story. It would be really interesting to have!

This turn of events in the series really gets me thinking. Keep in mind this is all my own speculation and could go any way Namco decides. What do you think? I'd like to hear your own speculations too!

1 comment:

  1. I'm still crossing my fingers for another remix song, like Yozakura Shanikusai. Maybe this time they might mash a Kikyoku song instead xD