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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taiko Time Facebook Page

Taiko Time does social networking? Really?

Just thought it would be fun to see how many fans we could gather. If you have a Facebook account and actively using it, come by our new page! Blog updates and new posts will get a reminder notice on Facebook so you'll never miss a beat even if you forget to drop by. Also I might go there on occasion to randomly talk and stuff. Now the whole world will know what Lokamp had for breakfast. The horror.

Anyway, for this Facebook page, it's dead easy to find us, search 'Taiko Time' on Facebook's search bar and it should instantly pop up. Also, see that Facebook widget way down there below the Google followers? Just click 'Like' to join the page and view the status updates! Have fun! (you've probably done this thousands of times already, what do I know pikaby is an old-fashioned coot who doesn't do well on social networking)

What's next for us? A Twitter account, perhaps? Maybe, if it's significant enough for us to use.


  1. I LOL very hard at the two crossed out sentences......

  2. Following it. Good to see a more English Taiko page, as the other one was filled with other languages.

    1. I don't mind it as I can speak Chinese. I'm just lazy to type Chinese most of the time lulz

    2. O_O How many languages do you know Pikaby?

    3. Four: English, Malay, Chinese (and one or two dialects), and a little bit of reading Japanese (still can't speak)