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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin Music Recruitment!


Ever wished you could make your own song and have it included in Taiko no Tatsujin? A collaboration between Namco and the music community website CreoFUGA, this is a fan's dream come true! Read on!

Probably the ninth surprise of the 10th anniversary celebrations, a jointly-organized competition by them called "Taiko no Tatsujin Music Recruitment da-don!" (太鼓の達人 楽曲募集だドン!) will gather aspiring Japanese musicians to create new Taiko songs. Each song must be between 1.30 and 2 minutes long, and everyone can compete in four different music categories:

1) Original (instrumental)
2) Original (with vocals)
3) Remix (instrumental)
4) Remix (with vocals)

The original song category is self-explanatory while in the remix category, contestants pick from a pool of Namco videogame songs available for purchase on Namco's iTunes store page. Click here to see the list.

Two winners from each category will win 50,000 Yen for the rights to their songs (60,000 for the songs with vocals) and have their creations available in the future for download on Taiko PSP DX! If there are lots of high-quality entries Namco may pick more than two winners per category!

The contest will be held from November 15th-December 18th, and up to 10 new songs will be given to Taiko fans by emerging artists! For more information about the competition, you can check its official page (in Japanese).


  1. OH MY GOD. Get your song inside Taiko no Tatsujin AND & get an insane amount of money (to me)?!

    Too bad I dunno how to create my own music. XD

  2. 50k Yen isn't a big about. It's approximately 600$. But getting into game is awesome.

  3. Maybe we are going to see Seirogan2000 on taiko! xD

  4. @4yvaak For a uni student it's a big amount of money. (I can buy Taiko wii4 & play on the arcade weekly without worries for a few months XD)

  5. @betawatcher Well, even if it is, it's still faaar away from insane money.