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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (2 November 2011) - Music contest + announcement

Nope, the CreoFUGA collab competition isn't one of the last two big 10th anniversary surprises after all. Since it's already covered yesterday I'm not going to repeat myself, just read up on this post for all the competition details. You can participate if you're from Japan!

What's more intriguing is the next announcement....Taiko Team's 2nd UStream is going live on November 9th, from 8 to 9pm Japan time! The contents? A special gameplay preview of New Taiko before it's shipped to Japanese arcade nationwide the week after. Nice~

Oh, and today's Wednesday isn't it? Why did they update today instead of their usual Thursday slot? Apparently tomorrow is a public holiday for Japan so everything was pushed forward....except one surprised which was pushed back. There will be a 3rd official blog entry this week, and it will be published on Friday. It will be about the new songs for the new Taiko arcade!

Fingers crossed, we're going to hear of a lot of exciting stuff very soon.

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