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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (17 November 2011) - Taiko 10th anniversary 9th big news!

Hint: Look two posts down. No seriously, everything Namco wants to say about the 9th big news is already there.

The 9th big surprise is...Taiko x AKB48. Great! Except they've been going at it for quite some time now and this really isn't anything new. If you live in Japan and are a big AKB48 fan this might interest you but for the rest....this is a repeat of the PSP DX Lawson collab. This also means Wii4 will start with 52 songs and the remaining 48 are up for grabs as secrets (as Namco has not announced any more). Ooooh....

It's only fair though, DX got two announcements, and now Wii has two.

On a positive note, Taiko Team will be organizing another UStream, this time showcasing Taiko Wii 4! It's on November 25, same time!

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  1. lol wait...Wii4 has 48 secret songs. AKB48