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Friday, October 7, 2011

Twitter Snippets (6 October 2011) - Something about New Taiko



From Taiko Team's Twitter, some fresh images celebrate leader Eto's first Kita Saitama clear on the New Taiko arcade! A much better mode selection screen with new options (gameplay mods and Taiko sounds next to the four difficulties) and crisper graphics, and the same old password system used since Taiko 6, only now with 5 rows of letters. Better be quick while taking notes!


  1. I was too lazy to actually relay this news to everyone :P This was shown around Thursday or even before that, lol

  2. By the way, the letters that aren't blurred out in the password say 'oyatsu ga sugu ni', or 'get the snacks, quick'

    lawl :P

  3. If you see the letters from a distance, you can decode them easier than zooming in..=3