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Friday, October 14, 2011

Taiko PSP DX's hidden IDs, take 3


Like the last two times, the .EDAT file for this month's download songs contain IDs for songs which have not yet been released for download. Two IDs this time: shtage and lovezu. While the former is completely unknown (yet strangely familiar), the latter is the former ID of LOVE Zukkyun, a J-Pop tune sung by Sotasei Riron which appeared on Taiko 14 and Taiko+. Will those be released as fast as Hyakka Ryouran, or will they have to wait a few more months?


  1. If shtage is referring to Steins;Gate (nickname シュタゲ) and hence the song "Hacking to the Gate"....I'll be very, very impressed.

  2. Actually the wiki already seems to think that's happening:


    (Search for "CENTER:22" and you'll find the right line)

  3. Hey, I totally missed that wikihouse page! I wonder if their deductions will be true, also for Everyday Kachusha and the Angel Beats song.

    (Kudos for Sp3000's deductions, I would never reconnected that name to a nick from an Anime @.o)