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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (13 October 2011) - Taiko iOS update

Namco promised two blog entries today, and this is the first of the two (as of time of writing the second one isn't up yet). This one is all about the 10th anniversary update for Taiko Plus.
New free song for Apple device owners after this update! It's the omnipresent Saitama 2000!

Sharp ones will notice two new things added to Taiko iOS from the above screenshot. First off, forked paths are now added to iOS, starting with Saitama of course. It has its own icon on the song selection menu.

The other thing you'll notice...Saitama is on Autoplay? Yep, all basic gameplay modifiers are added to this update as well! (except the random note modifiers Kimagure and Detarame)

And apparently retrying a song from the beginning is a new thing in Taiko iOS too.

Oh but wait, what about all the existing songs with forked paths that were taken away for iOS but are being added now? Namco had this to say: all song packs you've downloaded before this will have to be re-downloaded to accomodate the new gameplay mechanics. You won't have to pay for redownloading a pack though, don't worry.

And then there's talk about a new song pack, the most anticipated Namco Original Pack for iOS! Wonder what's in it...we'll have to wait for the second posting to find out!

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  1. It's kinda hilarious that iPhone users have had to wait nearby 2 YEARS to face some Namco Originals, hahaha xD

  2. I'm still waiting for android taiko. The one that's out now doesn't support all devices (galaxy s 2) but I heard there was a new universal android app on the way. Right?