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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (15 September 2011)- Details about the new arcade

Hi guys, Zekira G. Drake here....

pikaby providing all translation work ;)

Of course the first thing that people will immediately notice is the songlist of Taiko Arcade HD right at the bottom, but we'll get to that later (or just scroll down if you're impatient).

First up, the live showing of the Taiko Tournament 2011 finals on Japanese television!

It runs on September 17th, from 1pm to 4.30pm Japanese time (GMT+9). A special guest will be the actress that appeared in the PSP DX advert and the overall promoter of the 10th anniversary of Taiko no Tatsujin, Rina Koike (小池里奈)

Or! You can watch the online live stream here on that day!

Next up, screenshots and details of New Taiko no Tatsujin!

As expected, the numerical series is no longer with us, we're beginning a new era once again. The song selection screen looks a lot better now!

Like in Taiko 12 to 14, you select the genre first then move on to the songs inside it. The number of songs per genre is now shown here. The green one right next to J-Pop is the How to Play segment, which is there because the difficulty selection screen is, once again, completely different!

It no longer looks like this anymore! Taking a page from Taiko no Tatsujin Wii, player 1 and player 2 can decide whether they want to battle head-to-head for scores or free play on their own difficulty settings. As usual, 10 hits on the right rim of the drum on this screen will make the Oni difficulty appear. Note: I have a feeling the difficulty settings are all on test mode......there is no way Densetsu no Matsuri is a 5* Oni!

Images on this blog on how to unlock Oni will include these new pictures soon.

Don-chan and Kat-chan's mouths are a little wide though, don't you think? Anyway, the next detail they want to bring you to are the costumes.

They're the same stuff you've been seeing on console versions, only now the feature is finally in the arcade and they are unlocked and kept by means of your Banapassport.

And finally, what you've al been waiting for! The songlist!! means it's a new song. A lot of this are already in the preliminary songlist with a few other surprises!

 Everyday、カチューシャ 映画「もしドラ」主題歌 (Everyday, Kachusha)
 よく遊びよく学べ (Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe)
 ラブレター (Love Letter)
 新しい光 9mm Parabellum Bullet (Atarashii Hikari)
夏祭り (Natsu Matsuri)
さくらんぼ (Sakuranbo)
天体観測 (Tentai Kansoku)
じょいふる (Joyful)
ポリリズム 映画「カーズ2」挿入歌 (Polyrhythm)
紅 (Kurenai)

 となりのトトロ (Tonari no Totoro)
 崖の上のポニョ (Gake no Ue no Ponyo)
 海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
 ラ♪ラ♪ラ♪スイートプリキュア♪ (La La La Sweet Precure)
 ベストウイッシュ! 「ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ」より (Best Wishes!)
 コネクト 「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」より (Connect)
アンパンマンのマーチ (Anpanman no March)
夢をかなえてドラえもん (Yume o Kanae te Doraemon)
残酷な天使のテーゼ 「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン」より (Cruel Angel's Thesis)

 おもちゃのチャチャチャ (Omocha no Cha Cha Cha)
もりのくまさん (Mori no Kumasan)
いぬのおまわりさん (Inu no Omawarisan)

 マル・マル・モリ・モリ! (Maru Maru Mori Mori!)
メルト feat.初音ミク (Melt)
ワールドイズマイン feat.初音ミク (World is Mine)

 第九交響曲 ベートーヴェン (Ode to Joy)
天国と地獄 序曲 オッフェンバック (Heaven and Hell)
カルメン 組曲一番終曲 ビゼー (Carmen Prelude)

Game Music
 テイルズ オブ ジ アビス The arrow was shot (Tales of the Abyss- The arrow was shot)
キラメキラリ 「アイドルマスター2」より (Kirame Kirari)
No Way Back 「GOD EATER」より
Ridge Racer
KAGEKIYO 源平討魔伝メドレー

Namco Original
虹色・夢色・太鼓色 (Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro)
 ○○○○の消失-○○版- (???? no Shoushitsu- ??ban-) (Is this..Disappearance of Hatsune Miku? Or something else?)
 ○○○ Rose ○○○○○○○ (New Rose song?! Oh god!)
 ダンバ・ダンバ・ディン・ダン by ○○○○ (Danba Danba Din Dan) (No reason to keep this secret really, it's already all over the Net. But why is the YMCK song in Namco Original?)
 カナデア (Canadea)
エンジェル ドリーム (Angel Dream)
伝説の祭り (Densetsu no Matsuri)
サタデー太鼓フィーバー (Saturday Taiko Fever)
メカデス。 (Mekadesu)
タイコタイム (Taiko Time)
さいたま2000 (Saitama 2000)
またさいたま2000 (Mata Saitama 2000)

Well there were a few songs they didn't mention which was in the early promotional material, including Show Done Kai, but we'll leave that for a later date!

Page source message is like an appreciation letter from the Taiko Team, and they're saying that they're just as anxious and excited about the reveal of Arcade HD as we are, and asks us to try the machine firsthand at the expo. Um.....anyone here from Japan?

<p>リメンバー カツカレー</p>


<p>開発チーム一同この日を待ちわびていました。<br />
そして、きっと、ドンだーのみんなも待ちわびていたと思います。<br />

<p>まだまだ開発中ではありますが、<br />
是非一足先に“新しい”太鼓の達人を体験してください!<br />
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  1. Let's see here....alright I'm on the translation ;) Be there in ten minutes.

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if Wii4 will adapt the same system. (But then most of the features were adapted from wii anyway)

    There is the possibility that they're pumping up the Oni levels (I REALLY don't want that to happen, really...).

    Red Rose?

  3. Connect from Madoka?! +1 reason why I wish I wasn't living here...

  4. Red Rose Romance...?Just guessing lol..but it fits perfectly

  5. DAT

    ... ok, but only if that blue-haired punk VANISHES ONCE FOR ALL FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    For the pre-announced Rose song, maybe Grey is the best choise. Just because it's a mixture within White and Black lol

  6. I think your hate for Miku has gone waaaay too far here,Lok lol

  7. We can't assume that it's Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu yet...it could be another song which happen to have Shoushitsu in its name

  8. The 'ver' part is kind of highly implying otherwise though :<