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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (6 September 2011)- Taiko 10th anniversary 6th big news!

Well we all saw this coming. Info leaks kind of ruin the surprises Namco gives out, but it's always fun knowing stuff earlier eh?
It's about that awesome new HD arcade machine we saw back in July, courtesy of posters put up a little too early by an online arcade machine dealer. Namco hasn't caught wind of the info leak yet so it's holding back on details like song selection and release date, two things everyone has known for months. Ha!

They're not calling it Taiko no Tatsujin 15 either. In fact, there's still no real name associated with the new arcade build. All we get from them this week is a new hi-res picture of the arcade, talk about the sexy new LCD screen, and Banapassport support. Oh, and some songs were chosen from April's Taiko Memories poll to be included in the songlist as well! (since the winner of the poll was Saitama 2000 which is going in regardless of whether it's won or not there should be more). Saturday Taiko Fever is one of them, on the link above.

Stuff is much clearer now isn't it? I'm getting excited just looking at it!

The remaining part of the blog entry is the conclusion of the Area Challenge in the Taiko Tournament 2011 and the opening of Namco's 49th Arcade Expo website. The grand finals of the tournament will be held there, on the 17th this month! Don't miss it! Because the new Taiko will be there and the finalists and the public will get to try the new machine first-hand!

The blog entry is put under the category 'New Taiko no Tatsujin' instead of 'Taiko 15', so I'm guessing that's the end of the current numerical count for this build of the arcade.

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  1. There is no chance that this will be in my local arcade..XD The only thing they upgrade are those Animal Kaiser things..Heck,they even don't want to upgrade the DDR

  2. "Because the new Taiko will be there and the finalists and the public will get to try the new machine first-hand!"


  3. If I have a safe full of money I'll totally fly to Japan XD

  4. If I had a safe full of money, I'd buy this machine and put it in my house for a month. Then sell it to Timezone so that hopefully they make me a VIP or something :D