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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (29 September 2011) - New Taiko's features

This Thursday's post is all about the new, hi-tech Taiko arcade, coming up this November.

...but there aren't no additional info than the ones announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Improved arcade features, Banapassport support, three new collab Namco Original songs, Twitter/mobile support for the Taiko Dojo (no pictures either). It sounds like a waste of time...

...when the source code reveals something more.





It looks like the Taiko Team has created a theme song for the 10th Taiko anniversary (that means the three songs plus Blue Rose Ruin isn't the end of it), and it's going to be based on 'an energetic festival dance'. No title yet, but hope it lives up to that description!

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