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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taiko PSP DX's hidden IDs


Image leaked from wikihouse. By checking the download packs's .edat files, skilled hackers are able to chronologically date the downloaded song's release and relative SongIDs, but the August pack has added another couple of ID values, not belonging to any song released for the PSP downloads...

The first one is angelb, could easily be the Angel Beats song My Soul, Your Beats!!, or maybe something else about the Angel Beats anime. The second one, akbac, hints at the release of an additional J-Pop song for the group AKB48.

For the date, the numbers after TEXPACK show it clearly '110800018' is August 2011, with the 00018 being the tag for the song itself. For some reason, both songs are in the same TEXPACK file.

(...by the way, don't you think the large number of AKB48 songs is getting a little too much this generation? With this download, Heavy Rotation and the two songs for the incoming new Taiko arcade (Maru Maru Mori Mori and Everyday Kachusha), let's hope there's still space for other groups!)


  1. I'm curious though, if the songs aren't available for download this month, why would they be included in the TEXPACK .edat files? How are those files read in the PSP?

  2. Probably they planned to add these songs for August downloads, but they scrapped then and these IDs became unused..

    Also, when I saw the title I though this was about 1STPAI for some reason.. o-o"

  3. Wait a minute, that's the same Hex Reader that I use! OwO