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Monday, August 8, 2011

Site announcement: Forked path icon

Hi again! In the lack of any major stimulating news this week in the world of Taiko, I'll probably be bringing a few discussion topics to the blog and maybe some lyrics translations that I've been putting off for a while (including Koibumi 2000), but the main reason for this announcement is to turn your attention to the songlists again, as I've added one more change to it. A small icon for difficulties with forked paths!

A bit small, isn't it? Any larger and it'll look really messy on the already densely-packed tables on the songlist. We only have so much space to work with! Tell me if this icon is still too large and I can make it even more compact.

Again, Taiko PSP DX is the testing ground for the change, so go there and have a look at the forked path icon to see what I've messed up or improved. Remember, I need everyone's feedback so we can make Taiko Time a better site for everyone!

Oh, and I'll be announcing the answers for last week's Taiko trivia and screenshot quiz soon, so stay tuned! I have 5 entries for the screenshot quiz and 2 for the trivia.

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