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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First video of Tougenkyou Alien

Here instead we have a non-HQ recording of the new August Anime song! Tougenkyou Alien mixes 1/3 clusters with speedy 1/4 sections, for an average 7* song.

...we also forgot to inform our users about a minor update of the Taiko PSP DX website: the past Ustream live session can now be seen directly from the game's official site, together with a special wallpaper about the Taiko Team's live sketches. Are you able to recognize them all?


  1. Awesome wallpaper! *instant laptop wallpaper*

    For some reason, in all of the pics I liked the Etou-don sketch the most. :3 (my fav actually is the one where they designed another asdfghjkl;cute character but it's not on the wallpaper...)

  2. Where's perv don? Standing don-chan and hairy don-chan aren't as inappropriate as they were in the Ustream without it. D:

  3. They wanna make it friendly for children? XD

  4. Da! Da! Da!

    (Every time I see a new episode of Gintama, this always sounds so funny/stupid.)