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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cycle of Rebirth lyrics

Composer/lyrics/guitarist: Takafumi Sato (佐藤たかふみ)
Vocal: Kani Prince (蟹プリンス)

Note: Republished on 5 February 2012 due to major discrepancies with the unofficial lyrics sheet. These are official now.


甘美な記憶  生命の源を求め 自己の殻を破り (kanbi na kioku inochi no minamoto o motome jiko no kara o yaburi)
短気な魅力  全てが結びつき   一つずつ   絶望が生まれ変わる (tanki na miryoku subete ga musubi tsuki hitotsu zutsu zetsubou ga umarekawaru)

just stare at 心の雫 滴る 震える手凍える眼   全て包み込まれ (just stare at kokoro no shizuku shitataru furueru te kogoeru me subete tsutsumi komare)
just stir up 溢れる命広がる 早く 早く 魂よ燃え上がれ (just stir up afureru inochi hirogaru hayaku hayaku tamashii yo moeagare)

闇 侵蝕に  ただ押し潰され   目を瞑れば (yami shinshoku ni tadaoshi tsubusare me o tsumureba)
両腕に宿る 暖かい奇蹟の青い鳥  羽ばたき産声 上げる (ryoude ni yadoru atatakai kiseki no aoi tori habataki ubugoe ageru)

just stare at 光のベール覆って 紅潮した禁断の実 舞い散り駆け渡る (just stare at hikari no veil oote kouchoushita kindan no mi maichiri kake wataru)
don't tear up 希望の炎纏って 届け 届け 融解するメッセージ (don't tear up kibou no honoo matotte todoke todoke yuukai suru message)

English translation

Sweet memories.
Break your own shell to find the source of life

A short attraction.
Ties everything into one, giving rise to despair

Just stare at the teardrop from the heart, envelops all the trembling hands and freezing eyes
Just stir up overflowing, vast life power, that burns up souls with great speed

The darkness encroaches slowly, destroying anything with even a slight push. Close your eyes...
Both hands in pockets, the blue bird of a warm miracle, the first sound of its flapping wings soar into the sky

Just stare at the veil of light covering everything. The ripening forbidden fruit, dancing and scattering, chasing and crossing
Don't tear up, the fires of hope is clad on and fused with a message

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  1. "希望の炎"

    I hope this is the real words on that part when it gets official 8D

  2. I love this song. :D x2289376928375

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  4. I seriously don't know what '(ry' is supposed to mean. Can you enlighten me?

  5. (ry means 'ikaryaku' or 'shortened the back part'. It is used to mean that you've said too much and you want to cut it off.

  6. So far this is the best new Namco Original released for the last PSP game, imo. <3

  7. So far this is the best new Namco Original released for the last PSP game, imo. <3 X12987691287

  8. Wow. Those changes are pretty big.

    I guess our ears were really off on this one.

  9. More epic than Neu from Pop'N ^_^

  10. Oh god these official lyrics are even better...

  11. Why do my comments keep getting deleted?

    1. Because everytime Armage-don says something, it scares the world