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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saitama 2000 remixes

The first member of the Nisen (2000) family has achieved a big popularity since its introduction to Taiko games. Several fans made tributes to this song with peculiar and funny remixes. I'll post here three of the most popular and funny:

As the title suggests, Rotter Saitamanation mixes Saitama 2000 with Rotter Tarmination. Even the note patterns wink to the two songs as well!

Before jumping out of your chairs, Hanbaka 2000 (ハンバカ2000) isn't an original creation, as for the previously seen Seirogan 2000 and Sotsugyou 2000. It's simply a disordered mash-up between several 2000 songs, Ronald McDonald and Don-chan's exclamation. The title itself means Grand Stupid (a misspelt pun of romanized 'hamburger')!

Let's end this funny fair with this weird thing. SPARTA-tama2000 (Spartaたま2000) is born thanks to the Internet meme generated by King Leonidas from the movie '300'. THIS. IS. SPARTAAAA! The results are quite "astonishing"... ^^"


  1. How and why the Japanese found out and used the SPARTAAA meme I will never know :P

  2. No, the one who made the Sparta-tama2000 is a Chinese, look at his video description.
    I nearly fell off my chair after I listened to this, it's too funny!!!

  3. "Leonida" is also missing an s at the end

  4. Too bad we can't post nico nico douga vids here,there's a buttload of Saitama mashups there...

  5. We can, trouble is not many people here can log in to Nico to see the videos. I might have to intervene sometime later :)

    Fixed all typos and grammar mistakes.