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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taiko Wii 3 failed to break top 10 in opening week

From Media Create numbers, Taiko Wii 3 sold 29,328 copies from December 2(launch date) to December 5, the end of the sales week, and landed in 12th spot in the sales charts. It's a pity, as Taiko DS3 performed a whole lot better during its debut, shifting in excess of 69,000 copies when it first came out. Guess not many people are interested in the Wii games anymore.

The blame isn't on Taiko Wii 3 being lackluster though (it still has enough content to make fans scream)- together with it on the sales chart are many, many other heavy hitters competing for gamer's wallets, not least the juggernaut that is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and the continuing success of megaton games Gran Turismo 5 and Pokemon Black/White. Also joining the top 10 are three different Mario games, Sports Mix, vs Donkey Kong, and the 25th Anniversary All-Star collection. Taiko Wii 3 never stood a chance.

Hopefully it stays on the chart longer, as long as it's being consistent, after the dust around Monster Hunter, Mario and Pokemon settles.

1. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP) - 1,950,717
2. Takes of Graces F (PS3) - 215,187
3. Mario Sports Mix (Wii) - 59,007
4. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem (DS) - 57,474
5. Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) - 55,682
6. Pokemon Black/White (DS) - 54,848
7. Super Mario Collection Special Pack (Wii) - 45,904
8. Momotarou Dentetsu WORLD (DS) - 45,126
9. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (PSP) - 36,856
10. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (Wii) - 35,132
11. Wii Party (Wii) - 30,900
12. Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Minna de Party Sandaime! (Wii) - 29,328

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