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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Namco Taiko Blog (27 October 2010)- Score Battle + Taiko Wii 3 dev screen

Gosh, the Taiko Team are excited about their brand new Twitter account. Since it opened last week (amidst a large announcement on their blog which I didn't post about), it has surpassed both 765 and 876 followers. Hey, you know how important those numbers are, right? They're aiming for 2000 followers (which is yet another significant number in Taiko). Want to follow them? Their profile link on Twitter:


The following portion was of the team playing on Taiko 14 and recording their scores.

No Way Back on Oni, Shinta Mode
Pony Tail to Shushu on Muzukashii, Shinta Mode
Sweet Lay on Futsuu. Geez, why is it getting easier? Interestingly, the easier it gets, the more misses they have. LOL.
Onara Hazukashikunai yo on Kantan. Most probably not a full combo. They're restraining themselves from performing well, I just know it.

Oh yeah, Taiko Wii 3. This mysterious screenshot of high scores on different songs by the team...
That 'cle' is the only hint of any new songs in Wii3's song list. No one knows anything about it, but one thing's for sure, Ura Oni is returning to consoles.

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