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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Namco Taiko Blog (14 October 2010)- Taiko no Tatsujin Wii 3 official reveal

There goes Taiko's short-lived dabbling in Story Modes (DS2, Wii 1, 2, DS3). The official Taiko blog confirms the release date and total songs for the newest game in the series, Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Minna de Party Sandaime! as December 2, featuring 70 songs (not counting Ura difficulties) as with previous Wii games. Instead of another story mode, Namco brings the focus back to what Wii is all about- the parties. Like it or not, good games or not, Wii has always been a party machine. Taiko Wii 3 must be the bajillionth Wii game to have the word 'party' in its title (seriously, stop it. It's overused).

The party element comes from having Taiko-related minigames in a place called the Dream Taiko Land (ドリームたいこランド) and although the way they work is still not known, they're themed around the usual carnival fodder- haunted house, jungle, pirate ship...and Namco's own Wani Wani Panic. The last time a fun fair was used in a Taiko game was in PS2 Nanadaime, so it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

The other gimmick being promoted this time is the 4-player simultaneous play. Minds were blown as to how FOUR FREAKING BARS OF NOTES can be fit on-screen at once, but they've achieved the impossible, and still has space for the song lyrics (don't worry, it won't obscure Player 4's view of things). Part of the unnamed Wii 3 theme song was shown in 4-way play. Getting 4 friends together is fine, but not when you're playing on super pro Oni mode and the rest stuck trying to clear Futsuu. Hahahah....getting 4 Taiko experts together is no mean feat. But if the DS can do it, why not Wii?

The official site is also up, and it's showing the really festive, yellow box, the above video, and screenshots of the Dream Taiko Land. Oh, don't miss the button on the top left to turn on the music! The theme song is quite good this time, go give it a listen!


As for the song list, we're in pretty good hands. Black Rock Shooter, Pirameki Taisou, a new Totoro song, and (expected/10) Monster Hunter Medley. *waits for awesome Namco Original list*

Anyway, remember the date Taiko fans will break down and go crazy all over again! December 2 2010! Wow, and just 5 months after DS3 too...

Link to original post

P.S. The hidden entry in the source code of that blog post states there will be an important update next week, probably pertaining to Taiko 14's secret songs. (thanks, crystalsuicune!)

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