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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Namco Taiko Blog (22 September 2010)- New mode?

It's not a game modifier like Double and Triple, and it's not an alternate difficulty like Ura Oni. This time it tackles something completely different....the scoring system. This alternate way of scoring points is called by Namco as Shinta Mode '真打モード' and will be implemented into Taiko 14 on October 1st using god knows what method. Secret code sequence? Definitely hope so...unlock a few new songs while you're at it too.

Not much is known beyond the name of the mode, though it can be seen that under Shinta Mode, the number of points you get is higher. It could be that the usual points increment with hit combos no longer applies, and instead focus on your hit accuracy. Don't hit a note- 0 points, hit a note with 'good'- regular points, hit a note with 'great'- double points (thanks crystalsuicune!). Simple as that. No more multipliers. What this means is that....well, see the difference for yourself. The first screenshot is regular Taiko, the second one is Taiko with Shinta Mode applied.

The number of missed notes is greater in the one with Shinta Mode, but the score is higher? WTF. It's...somewhat appreciated, but at the same time any idiot can just bash the drum, hit random notes, and get a high score (won't matter if they don't clear the song though).

Anyway. October 1st. Mark it down, guys!

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