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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sonority Scouts - Outsider 5th Otogesai Newcomers + Monster Madness

Now that we've seen what the recurring cross-over tournament had in storm for the Taiko side, why don't we take a sneak peak to the other participating franchises' newcomer pieces, after the jump?

Who knows if these may be Taiko port material like last year's Tenkaichi-original songs, after all!

The Taiko no Tatsujin series is not the only one to feature female vocals for their boss-song showdown, as SOUND VOLTEX'S Gyaru Tsuki (逆月) is here to up the ante from the former Otogesai debuts with its eye-dazzling MAXIMUM chart!

CHUNITHM's fill for the event is supplied by BMS artist Morimori Atsushi's larva, a song which is tied in with PUPA, one of his more known works in the Be-Music Simulation files scenario.

Incidentally, larva is not making its overall debut with this edition of the Tenkaichi Otogesai, as the song is actually one of the Original tracks made for maimai, months earlier (link)!

Groove Coaster's original track for this edition is another 'VS-artist' song, with series' sound director MASAKI co-composing the song with REDALiCE. As if the chart itself is not enough, the camera angles will play against your wits for the entire time!

As a post round-up, here's a brief collection of this year's Taiko-crossed-over songs to the other music game series. Be it on a vertical-scrolling lane with side-paddles, a vertical scrolling lane with air keyboards or an in-coaster ride with Taiko imagery, now everyone can become a Taiko Drum Monster in multiple ways!

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