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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Song of the Week! 27 October 2018

Yes, yes, another perma-removal SotW feature... By this point, I'm almost convinced that the Taiko people are doing this repeating stunt on not-Saturday-featured-songs-by-us on purpose, so that I can get upset about that in the very same announcement week!

 Hanamaru◎biyori! (花丸◎日和!)  Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
Allx3 (103)x5 (190)x7 (301)x8 (512)
 Taiko 0 R to 0 B

The lastest member of the Taiko perma-deletion gang is one of the many songs in the overall series coming from the universe of a gacha game series... Differently from other more-established recurring guests like Puzzle & Dragons and Chain Chronicle, however, this one comes from the related gacha game's Anime series production! Produced by Doga Kobo as a 12-episode series for 2016's last trimester, Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (刀剣乱舞-花丸-) is a comedy slice-of-life series based on the story and recruitable characters of the Nitroplus and DMM Games web browser game Touken Ranbu (lit. 'Wild Dance of Swords') of January 2015. The Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Anime ran for another 12-episode season run in 2018's first three months, with a different Anime-genre series for the game being made in-between the Hanamaru Anime's two seasons: Ufotable's Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (活撃 刀剣乱舞).

Both the Anime series and the game are set about 200 years in the future, when the evil 'historical retrograde army' schemes to go back in time to rewrite the Human history through their interfering actions. The player, filling the role of the Saniwa (審神者, lit. 'sage') is tasked to stop the menace by using the unique power of giving life to legendary swords, turning them into antropomorphized warriors that bear the weapon's will and history. With the game being more oriented on the resource-gathering process through a number of errands and the 'gameplay core' itself being more keen on the autoplay side, Touken Ranbu has been often regarded as the genderswapped counterpart of another game by Nitroplus (Kantai Collection), where instead of historical weapons turning into human-looking males as the main recruitable unit kind, there are historical warships turning into human-looking females.

The Hanamaru Anime's first season featured Hanamaru◎biyori! (lit. 'Hanamaru Weather!') as its opening theme, starring in the vocal roles two of the original game's voice actors for a couple of the legendary-sword units in the series: Ichiki Mitsuhiro (市来 光弘) as the Yamato no Kami Yasusada and Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹) as the Kashuu Kiyomitsu. The song is lyricized by Genki Mizuno (ミズノゲンキ) and composed by Shuhei Mutsuki (睦月周平), both members of the (K)NoW_NAME unit as well as contributors to other game/Anime-related franchises whose roads have crossed into the Taiko road more than once, including iDOLM@STER and Himouto! Umaru-chan.

What is about to take an indefinite vacation from the official Taiko series is an 8-star Oni chart that is best comparable within the same song genre with Gurei no Yumiya's Oni notechart, whose lesser note count was compensated by a slightly-higher average hit-per-second ratio, thanks to the constant influx of (mostly) mono-color clusters. The port of Hanamaru◎biyori! in Taiko not only it was notable for the original version being featured instead of a cover, but for some reason it also received a set of custom dancers with the launch of Taiko White Version! The three featured custom dancers, from left to right, are three sword souls from the original game: Heshikiri Hasebe, Yamato no Kami Yasusada and Kashuu Kiyomitsu.


...for some happier minor notice, we've also updated the Taito song series once more! See for yourself what's in store for the hardest song port from the Groove Coaster series yet...

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