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Thursday, October 25, 2018

[PS4-1] A Pittari Veil for the Pittari-filled DLC Line-up


Song lists speaks louder than words, so what better way to relay the news for the next four DLC packs than to just show the song list tables?

Donder Pack Vol.15: December 20 2018 (500 yen+tax)

Gokuraku Joudo NEW!
Setsuna Trip
セツナトリップ/Last NOTE.
Yoake Made Ato 3-byou Synchronica
Blessed Bouquet Buskers
  Console debut

Donder Pack Vol.16: January 24 2019 (500 yen+tax)

New Stranger High Score Girl NEW!
Dragon Saber Submerged City
ドラゴンセイバー 水没都市
SHOGYO MUJO Genpei Touma Den Remix/COSIO Console debut
  源平討魔伝リミックス COSIO


Donder Pack Vol.17: February 28 2019 (500 yen+tax)

Winding Road Golden Kamuy NEW!
Day by Day!★3★5★7★8
Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku Console debut

Donder Pack Vol.18: March 28 2019 (500 yen+tax)

Hare Hare Yukai The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Etude Op.10-4
Shikou no Ran Tatsh a.k.a Xeami
紫煌ノ乱/Tatsh a.k.a 世阿弥

...so Taiko Team decided to keep some of the songs secret for volumes 16 through 18... hmmmmm.

Pittari Song 4 U Campaign Results
ピッタリ ソング フォーユー キャンペーン 結果発表

After running in four languages for about a week, the Pittari Song 4 U Campaign finally concludes with a highlight for 19 of the highest voted songs. And you have already seen them all, because they are all already slated for release in the latest six DLC packs!

Overall Champion: Dangan Notes [Set 3 bonus]

Area Runners-up:
Japan (Japanese poll) - Hare Hare Yukai [Vol. 18]
Taiwan/Hong Kong (Chinese poll) - Gokuraku Joudo [Vol. 15]
South Korea (Hangul poll) - Yozakura Braiders [Vol. 14]
Southeast Asia (English poll) - Day by Day! [Vol. 17]

Other Winners:
Susanoo [Vol. 13]
Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin [Vol. 14]
≠MM [Vol. 14]
Blessed Bouquet Buskers [Vol. 15]
Xa [Vol. 15]
Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku [Vol. 17]
Shikou no Ran [Vol. 18]
Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin [Vol. 14]
≠MM [Vol. 14]
Ryuusei [Vol. 14]
Setsuna Trip [Vol. 15]
Eikyoku/Gyouan [Vol. 13]
Swan Lake ~still a duckling~ [Vol. 14]
Etude Op.10-4 [Vol. 18]
Next Life [Vol. 13]
Yoake Made Ato 3-byou [Vol. 15]

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