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Friday, October 26, 2018

First Video: via lactea and the 5th Tenkaichi Otogesai Raid

October 25 sees brand new songs from two fronts together, so here's the big First Video feature a day late! :P

First Video: October 25 2018

via lactea feat. Setsunan
  feat. 薛南


  Tatsh 「CHUNITHM」より

ouroboros -twin stroke of the end-
  Cranky VS MASAKI/Groove Coaster
  Cranky VS MASAKI 「グルーヴコースター」より

Seiten no Reimei
青天の黎明/steμ feat. siroa

Pre-jump here is the latest song debut from the PS4 Taiko game's ever-growing DLC catalog, named after the Latin wording for the Milky Way and packed to the brim with mono-color clusters and a longer compound note streak halfaway through the track.

But of course, this is not what you're looking after, if you've checked this post beyond the jump...

One day later, we finally have HQ recordings of the 5th Tenkaichi Otogesai's song newcomers, so that we can spend some words about them!

Starting with the SOUND VOLTEX transplant, the flower-titled GERBERA makes of the repeating-stanzas mantra a simple primer to this over-200-BPM song's main course, more than often splicing 1/12-1/16 cluster hybrids... and that's just for the lowest Oni-notecount track of the latest Tenkaichi quartet!

If you need a refresher as to why the artist credit mention for this track looks... different than usual, it just so happens that we've done an experimental Sympho-Neighbour post about this subject matter, last year.

Since his beatmania IIDX days, Tatsuya 'Tatsh' Shimizu's obsession with initial-X original song with symphonic coral quires is one love that is hard to let go and if Taiko no Tatsujin's Xa isn't enough for us to get the message, here's Xevel from CHUNITHM to get the same effect! Nearing (but not topping) the crazy note counter shenanigans of last year's Ikazuchi crossover, the hard pattern parts of Music Revolver's Ura Oni become commonplace for this Tenkaichi contender's Oni mode, with cluster hybrids more leaning on the Don side.

It's also imperative to quote the simulated zenoshi portion (=all inputs hit at the same time) at the very end with the two quick note couples, or I'd have to hide from crystalsuicune's rage otherwise

*A-hem* Back on course, here's this Tenkaichi edition's Taiko note champion! The also-on-Synchronica ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- is the most 1/12-cluster-leaning song of the bunch, topping the main difficulty gimmick and error-sink section of Scarlet Lance and making it more note-dense overall. If you don't want to bite your own dust, more than endurance or memorization skills alone are required to stand tall!

The 4-digit-limit is also broken for the Taiko-original song of this edition of the cross-over tournament, courtesy of the same composer/singer combo that gave us Taiko Drum Monster last year! Seiten no Reimei is the latest top-rated track to use trichy rhythym changes as its main difficulty-determining factor, offering something a little more different than the single-BPM-signature blend that is offered by the other Tenkaichi transplants while also dabbing into the same territory of multiple-time-signatures land.

Title hunter's endnote: Here are the Full Combo titles for the four AC0 additions.
  • GERBERA - He Who Reels in the Memory on Floral Cart (花車の記憶を手繰りし者)
  • Xevel - He Who Inherits the Intention of "X" (“X”の意思を継ぎし者)
  • ouroboros - He Who Releases the Double Strike of Demise (終焉の双撃を放ちし者)
  • Seiten no Reimei - He Who Receives the Daybreak on the Blue Sky (青天の黎明を迎えし者)

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  1. So disappointed that my recording of the Auto-play of "via lactea" was never used, even I've recorded and uploaded few minutes after the DLC has released. And I posted my recording link on the chat box too.