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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

First Video: Surprise Variety Medley Is Surprising

Blue ver. Song Addition: October 2 2018

Geki-rare-san Special Medley Geki-rare-san o Tsuretekita. NEW!

Not happy enough with the surprise release of Lemon in the last month, early October has gifted us another not advertised, out-of-schedule J-Pop song release for Blue Version. It also has a quite unusual backstory to it!

Yesterday, the latest airing of TV Asahi's Variety show Geki-rare-san o Tsuretekita. (激レアさんを連れてきた, lit. 'I brought Mr Super-rare with me.') has had Yuuhei Etou from the Taiko team as a special guest, in order to have some Taiko fun with a "specially-crafted" medley from the Variety show's staff to play live while playing it silly. One day later and the song actually becomes a publicly-available tune to play with on Blue Version arcades!

Sporting the lowest notecount for a 7-star Oni mode in quite some time (and yes, it's even lower than that one 3DS3 Variety pick!), here's another song like Kidaruma 2000 where the charts are mostly molded on a talk-like base. I hope you'll like the Suuhaa 2000-inspired drumroll jumpscares, too!

Thanks to some eager people from the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord group, we also have some visual evidence of the variety in question premiering the latest quirky J-Pop inclusion to the series.

Enjoy these while you can! (as this is probably the best we're gonna get for a Taiko Team member appearing on a live broadcast of sorts...)

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