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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Song of the Week! 11 August 2018

While the full tracklist was revealed for the Western releases of the latest home console Taiko games, a couple of tracks were seemingly left out from the respective track lists' official infographic pictures...

Whether they're not coming or this situation more likely being the end result of a print mistake, they're our guests in our latest weekly corner feature!

 Theme of Ryu Street Fighter V
Allx3 (122)x5 (188)x6 (301)x8 (627)
 Taiko PS4

Once again, we have one song feature for each of the West-geared upcoming Taiko releases, starting things off with a track that made its Taiko debut with its first console foray.

The only not-Namco-related addition to Session de Dodon ga Don's Game Music genre default selection. the Theme of Ryu is the latest image song for the eponymous recurring martial arts fighter in one of the most known fighting game franchises to date: Capcom's Street Fighter (ストリートファイター). Started in 1987 on the arcade rooms, this tournament fighter pits players in 1v1 battles on a bidimentsional field, with each of the series' playable fighters having a selection of punch and kick attacks of varying amounts of power as well as fighter-exclusive special moves that can be triggered with precise strings of commands. The latest entry of the series, Street Fighter V, was released for PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16th, 2016, with an arcade port of the game being released on January 2018 and an arcade-related update to the original PC/console releases coming out in the same month.

The Theme of Ryu's composer is an independent guitar player with an enriched history in both the indie scene and some intern-based composition experience: Masahiro Aoki (青木征洋). Born in Osaka, Japan on October 22nd, 1984, this guitarist started his career as member of several doujin units such as TaWaRa, G5 Project and his own currently-active ViViX unit, penning his original works and Touhou Project rock arrangements under the Godspeed pseudonym. In 2018, Aoki joined Capcom for the composition of tracks for the Sengoku Basara series as well as being the leader of the ROCK-MEN fan unit for Mega Man/Rockman song arrangements.

On April 2014, he left both his Capcom-related positions in order to pursue his independent music career, while also dabbling in the music game scene from time to time; for this very last aspect, in fact, the artist has had some of this works to be playable under his Godspeed alias, both for formerly-released tracks (Surge and Blaze, available in GITADORA) and series-exclusive originals, including GITADORA's busy come, busy go!! and two of the most known boss tracks from Sega's CHUNITHM: Gate of Fate and Gate of Doom.

Lots of compound cluster formations with some longer clusters and 1/12 charting along the way make easier for more seasoned Taiko players to see the Theme of Ryu's Oni mode as an easier version of Ridge Racer's Muzukashii/regular Oni chart.

 Carnation (和蘭撫子)
Allx4 (130)x5 (189)x6 (320)x8 (506)
 Taiko 0.5, Taiko PSP DX, Taiko Wii U 2, Taiko Switch

Up next we have one of the returning CreoFUGA-spawn Namco Originals to the Nintendo Switch title. This is also one sneak peek to our incoming round of song title translations we're going to roll out by this month's end, no less! As a matter of fact, we've always went on the more literal translation for this track's title as 'Oranda Nadeshiko' (something akin to 'Beautiful Holland Girl' in English) up until now; however, as more and more elements have been pointing out to 'Carnation' as the official English rendition (the SongID, alphabetical song name ordering in Taiko PSP DX and now the Taiko Switch game's official English translation), we're making the jump to this title notation as well.

Carnation is one of the original 8 CreoFUGA contest-winning pioneers in Taiko gaming, created by the Aska Otoko (飛鳥男) unit, made of the nicknamed composer/arranger Nomi★Takaaki (野見★隆明) and the singer ASKA... Perhaps it was the heat of the moment for the duo for hastily posting the original song for the first Taiko contest entry, but the first version of Carnation that was sent out for the contest was simply being titled as '20111218_2mix', as it's something that has just come out from the song-making process's end without thinking too much on the title! Carnation is arguably the unluckiest of all the current CreoFUGA song contest winners thus far, as this is the only song in said pool that has not been featured in any official Taiko soundtrack album to date, with all the other pieces being released in one of the eight TaikoxCLARICE DISC albums of 2018.

The Aska Otoko act is more commonly known as NOMI and ASKA on the Internet, whose rhythm gaming reach also spread to the SOUND VOLTEX series for a couple of songs: the NicoNicoDouga viral GUMI hit Yuuyake no Napalm (夕焼のナパーム) and the lyrics set penning for the Kaneko Chiharu/Haxchi joint Dunga Dunga Rhapsody (ドゥンガドゥンガ狂詩曲).

With a shorter song length and a more tight cluster conglomeration sequence, this is definitely another league of 8-star Oni charting where the note density can cost some song clears to the most fresh of Taiko 1st-timers!

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