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Saturday, August 25, 2018

First Video: D-zettai! SAMURAI in the Rain

Blue ver. Song Addition: August 25 2018

D-zettai! SAMURAI in the Rain MURATATAM & Ladybeard NEW!

The second addition for the returning "Max-Difficulty Rock-August" month in Taiko gaming spotlights the duo from last week's Variety addition, doubling down with another max-difficulty chart for the same song genre.

While the regular Oni mode is played as a pure 1/16 note score with more monocolor-leaning clusters, the Ura Oni matches the same max-difficulty status and max combo value of last week's Super D&D song, where enhanced scrolling speed for selected giant Kat notes and 1/24 Don cluster spikes round up the high difficulty degree supplied by a more complex cluster formation trend in general. For both charts, however, the song's high BPM is surely set to take the toll on some random errors along the way for most players!

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