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Friday, June 29, 2018

Twitter Snippets (29 June 2018) - Accidental Song Leaks from the Staff

In the past few hours, a peculiar episode has occurred in the Youtube channel management of Taiko-related content in the official Bandai Namco channel: a couple of mistakes that -while being retconned as of now- have not been lost forever due to the diligent reporting of people over the Internet (such as is the case of the tweet embeded above).

With the apparent intention of posting on Youtube the full playable cuts of the Blue Ver. Summer Rewards Shop songs, preview clips for two brand-new Namco Original tracks have been published instead, with their respective release date being added in the respective videos' Description box. That's some Lokamp-tier chain of mistakes right there, amirite?

The previews of the two new songs have been re-uploaded by other users after the incident, complete of their release date, with embeds available after the jump.

  • July 7th Ai want U (哀 want U), by Kaneko Chiharu
  • July 21st /  Dangan Notes (ダンガンノーツ), by Cosmo@BusouP

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