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Monday, June 4, 2018

[SITE] - Taiko Time's 2018 Summer Housecleaning

Hi there, everyone! We're nearing the Summer season once more, which means it's also time for us to put some oil on some of this blog's 'rustier' pages. While our next courses of action are mostly of a maintenance-like nature, there's also something new coming by, trying to prioritize the blog itself's functionality as best as we can. Here's a rundown of your main courses of action:

  • First and foremost, we've detected the closure of several Taiko-related Youtube channels, which means that a bunch of gameplay videos are missing... again. While being not as heavy as last year's massive round of video removals, replacing the dead links will be top priority for us for what concerns the Taiko Time blog's functionalities. It's hard to pinpoint when we'll be done once again, but hopefully everything should be fixed by this Summer's end.
  • Once we're done with the link replacements, we're planning to apply a new table layout for our song list pages! We've made some experiments every now and then, but you should be getting a sample of the final(-ish) version for our next... well... "console Taiko game" song list page. Just wait a few days and you'll undersand why I've used the reverse commas.
  • As usual, we'll be updating the most active spaces on our blog, as well as adding new features (such as today's new song lyrics translation post!). Later this week, for example, we're updating the God Collection and SORA song series showcase posts with last week's new Blue Version entries.
While these three will be our main focus for this maintenance round, feel free to reach to us for other suggestions/broken links or any other means which can help us improving our humble blog. See you!


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