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Saturday, June 23, 2018

[NSwitch] - Taiko Switch Tidbits from World Hobby Fair Summer '18

With the Taiko Switch game being available in its first public outing, some Taiko troopers came out to report on the new game's more spicy song list details. So far, howevern, the best we could find as a more credible evidence is this picture, highlighting the star ratings of the game's theme song, Furifuri♪ Norinori♪.

Not only that, it appears that a brand new Game Music track is also brewing from a distance (with that distance being the top corner of the snapshot): the oddly-titled TD - 28619029byte remix -. This title is eerily reminiscent to the title of the remix tracks that were featured in Namco's pre-2000s arcade racing game Techno Drive, but its numerical title doesn't match any of the three pre-existing tracks from said racing game... what could it mean?

Post updates (24/06/18) after the jump.

From another Twitter user, we (allegedly) come to know that the Oni modes for the leftover launch Namco Originals in the game are all rated as 8-star modes, except for Tonde Mite (トンデ・ミテ) which has a 9-star Oni instead.

UPDATE (24/06/18) - New details about the starting song list's content has been reported by another Twitter user, included in the tweet below. Below the tweet is the list of the newly-revealed content:

-) Oni difficulty ratings
9* for  PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 and  TD - 28619029byte remix -
7* for  Howling and  Omae Butamen!

-) New song reveals
 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (link)
 Ridge Racer
 Boku wa Synth
 Chikuzei ~GEAR UP~
 Angel Dream
 Negai wa Esperanto
 Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro
 Hiyokko Fantasy
 Hyakka Ryouran

All of this post's new leaked data is also available in our latest version of the Song List Test Grid model, available at this link.

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