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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

[AC0] - Midsummer Afterthoughts on Issho ni Waiwai Ensou

Issho ni Waiwai Ensou updates are usually pretty low in priority on our radar. Heck, we haven't even updated Issho ni Waiwai Ensou list since last October. But at one week after the latest update to Blue ver., turns out there is enough for a featurette here.
and no Asia hasn't got the update yet

Namco Original, Finally! 
The Issho ni Waiwai Ensou mode aims more at passersby at arcades wanting a fun time with pals and family, so most hardcore Taiko songs are not supported until now. The first batch of Namco Originals to hit the mode are Nightmare Survivor (above), Antonio, Boku wa Synth, Break Line and Hello! Halloween. Yup, only five for now. :(

Do remember that in Issho ni Waiwai Ensou the notechart will adjust to your performance like a less-conspicuous Path Divergence (or Parappa the Rapper 2, if you may). And of course the clear status are not recorded.

Lucky Notes l'amore
While not encountered in the above video, AC0 did add a new heart-shaped Lucky Notes for outside collaborative efforts like Pop Team Epic and IDOLiSH7. Be blessed for your romantic, familial or friendly affection by getting a Good rating on it (in a placebo effect kind of way).

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