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Monday, May 7, 2018

PS Vita1 Update - Plucking the Three Clovers: Termination of Popular Song Pack 13

We are having another previously-unannounced redux of what happened to Popular Song Pack 12, this time to the opening theme to Three Leaves, Three Colors in Popular Song Pack 13 (人気曲パック13). Again the other four unaffected songs are now individually sold at the taxed price of 162 yen price each effective from May 3 2018.

Now we can only imagine what else will get the copyright-hammer treatment next...

Popular Song Pack 13 (pack sale ended; other songs 162 yen each tax incl.)
クローバー♣かくめーしょん Clover♣Kakumation
   「三者三葉」より Three Leaves, Three Colors
セルリアン Cerulean
   「ガンダムビルドファイターズトライ」より Gundam Build Fighters Try
プチポチ Puchipochi
ライコタイコディスコ Raiko Taiko Disco
   東方Project×NAMCO SOUNDS Touhou Project x NAMCO SOUNDS
   渡辺量 Ryo Watanabe

恋幻想(Love Fantasy)

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