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Sunday, May 13, 2018

[NSwitch] - The Hidden Six is Outside Japan

Earlier this week (specifically May 11), Bandai namco Entertainment of Taiwan held a press event at a gaming bar, letting gaming press reporters try on upcoming and in-development titles like Soul Calibur VI, Dark Souls Remastered, Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins, Code Vein and New Gundam Breaker.

The thing is, most Taiwanese gaming press (count two - Bahamut GNN and UDN Game - out of the three that did coverage on this) say "there are six titles" but only listing the above five. Only Gamebase gave a small blurb (no pictures) about Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version being there as well. And you wonder why I frequently diss conventional gaming press on social media.

But hey, at least Taiko Nintendo Switch ver. is going to have some outside-Japan action once again, and a first in Nintendo consoles too.

Oh and I kinda also needed a place to off-handedly drop that wikihouse commenters have found coverage for Nintendo Switch Version on the next issue of CoroCoro Comic, dating the release on July 19 and mentioning Kirby's Dream Land Medley as a returning inclusion. No biggie.

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