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Friday, April 27, 2018

Twitter Snippets: Game Week Campaign for the Golden Week Purchases

The Golden Week holidays are approaching fast in Japan, and with that Sony is coining the same-initial "Game Week" moniker to hold a bunch of promotions on the PlayStation Store towards the Japanese audience ending May 9 2018 in for the holiday spirit (?). And PS4's Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session are on the receptacle of that!

Before all, not limited to Taiko no Tatsujin, all buyers can get a once-per-person 10% discount on your whole shopping cart (except select items like CERO Z-rated games, pre-orders, non-game items and PlayStation Plus membership). Just use the promotional coupon code on the campaign main page at checkout.

Drum Session is also part of the PS4 Additional Item Campaign (PS4追加アイテムキャンペーン), where when you purchase 5000+ yen worth of additional items and DLCs during the campaign, you can receive 500 yen in terms of PlayStation Store Ticket credit at a later date. That is conveniently covered by both Donder Pack season pass, eh?

PlayStation Store Game Week Campaign main page

Finally, not related to the promotions, but we missed to tell you yesterday that Infinite Rebellion is also now separately purchasable outside of the Donder Pack Vol. 1-6 set at 162 yen (tax incl.) or equivalent prices in other currencies for all Asian regions. We now rectify it here, so yeah.

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