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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Song of the Week! 7 April 2018

With the April Fools shenanigans out of the way once again, we have two fresh features for you: the real one for last week's song and what lies ahead of this very post...

 INSPION Sound Production Studio INSPION Company Song
Allx5 (216)x6 (324)x8 (653)x10 (1052)
 Taiko 0 Y

Shin Zombie has not been the only song that came to life thanks to a Taiko-enhanced support in 2017; one newcoming sound production company, in fact, has stepped in to leave an even bigger mark on the series with a load of arcade-exclusives picks! This is the story of their own image song...

Bearing the name of the company itself, the INSPION song has been made with the spirit of the newborn sound production studio itself's entrance to the musical scene, bearing the full-instrumental talent that both the resident artists and the closest musical collaborators can bring to the table. This has also been one of the company's very first public interactions after the act's founding, with a full performance of the song INSPION being recorded and uploaded to its Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy (link).

The INSPION song's composer and main performer is guitar player Daisuke Kurosawa (黒沢ダイスケ), the artist of a deeply-enriched past in bemani lore of which we also talked about in our 'no Ran' song series showcase. The other artists involved in the song do also have quite the working portfolio; at the keyboard, we find Kuramochi Takeshi (倉持武志), already president/representative director of IZENE Co., Ltd (INSPION's parent company); the nick-named Yamato (大和) is the second guitar player, with former SORAMIMI band member Muratatom (むらたたむ) at the drums and Ueda Tetsuya (上田哲也) as the bassist, sharing bemani music games connection with Daisuke Kurosawa as well. INSPION's company song managed to be featured in the two game series that have spotlighted the company during their first year of activity: the Taiko no Tatsujin arcade line (together with 3 original pieces) and Rayark's mobile-rooted Cytus series, with INSPION being playable in Cytus II as one of the IAP additional-musician song lots (video).

In Taiko grounds, INSPION's hardest difficulty setting has a chart that is really reminiscent to the approach adopted to Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi's Ura Oni mode, with many backbeat 1/16 cluster formations and selected note-dense clusters in key portions of the song, coupled with Yuugao no Kimi-reminiscent scrolling speed enhancements for the Go-Go Time portions. As the first non-Touhou Project song with a 10-star Oni in the current arcade line for the Variety genre, INSPION is also the 100th debuting track with a 10-star Oni chart for the current star rating standards, a count that also keeps in mind the perma-deleted song pool (=Telecastic fake show).

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