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Friday, April 6, 2018

[COLLAB] - Taiko x Case Closed Event Website Now Open

名探偵コナン×太鼓の達人 ナゾトキキャンペーン スコアゼロの犯人をさがせ!

For today's bit of news, it appears that the website dedicated to the Taiko x Case Closed collaboration that we talked about last week (link) is now fully operative! Aside for the release dates of the online activities, however, nothing else has emerged yet (new playable songs/Kigurumi outfits/other content).

Still, if you happen to be in Japan, gather Clues 1 to 4 to tackle the first minigame on the website from April 18th, collect Clues 5 and 6 to take part on May 2nd's website minigame and be prepared for the final showdown on May 16th to unravel the case! Remember that only JP-resident Banapassport users can join the fray.

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