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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Taiko no Tatsujin Blue Version - Launch Window Update Post

One of the least advertised Taiko arcade versions's launch since the original-generation Taiko arcades is finally upon us! After the jump is a comfy grid with all the new songs featured in Blue Version's Day 1, complete with the previously-unannounced tunes that have made their way to this firmware's release.

Last update: 15/03/2018
Oni/Ura Oni video footage: 6/6 + 1/1 (DLC)
No. of Updates: 3

Ratings / Max Combo (Hardest mode)
Additional Notes
2/3/3/7 (260)
Namie Amuro's latest single, and one of her two songs in Blue Version's launch (the other one being Hope).
3/3/5/7 (311)
Yoko Oginome's 1985 cover of the popular Hi-NRG song 'Eat You Up', now available as a Taiko-playable song.
2/3/5/7 (513)
The latest of the many, many One Piece opening themes (the 20th overall) that have been featured in Taiko gaming thus far.
2/3/4/8 (423)
The latest collaboration-related anime piece on the arcade Taiko scene, as well as one of our latest future-peek Song of the Week features (link).
2/3/3/7 (315)
Today's previously-unheard-of addition to the Blue Version starting roster, coming from the Idolm@ster SideM Anime.
2/3/5/7 (441)
The latest playable videogame medley in Taiko lore, coming from the sequel to the Wii U cold hit Splatoon.
9* Ura Oni (757)
Today's only new Ura Oni addition, also from the only new Game Music piece of the day.

UPDATE 1 (15/03/18): Together with GLORIOUS RO@D, the other previously-unannounced permanent song additions to Blue Version that have been documented thus far are Zeami/Tatsh's Susanoo and the first two DLC-exclusive songs from Session de Dodon ga Don that were made playable during Yellow Version for a limited time: Kaichuu Teien o Motsu Shoujo and Konamono☆.

UPDATE 2 (15/03/18): A late yet weirdly punctual Twitter Snippet shows the promotional sequence that Blue ver. plays to preview the Performance Battle Mode.

UPDATE 3 (15/03/18): Lucky Notes on POP TEAM EPIC are... epic? All three notes are hit as dons. And you really get to break the Takeshobo building (instead of flying off like normal notes) with special SFX.

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