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Friday, November 24, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (24 November 2017) - Playstation 4's End-of-November Content Delivery

With yesterday being a national holiday in Japan, the weekly blog entry has come one day later to inform Taiko fans about the next Taiko-themed content's coming for PlayStation 4's users.

Addendum (2017/11/27): Refining wording on campaign details (in red).
Starting with the never-heard-before stuff, it's possible to download a free Home menu theme with Amazon's latest campaign! The Session de Dodon ga Don theme is offered to everyone downloading the free PS4 catalogue e-book for Kindle between November 23rd, 2017 and January 8th, 2018, redeemed with the product code sent to your Kindle account's email address. The theme will play a lyricless version of the PS4 Taiko game's theme song and will have custom icons and backgrounds for all the scrolling screens. Even Don/Kat noises can be heard by moving across the menu voices!

The remainder of the post is devoted to remind of the 2nd Donder Pack's release, coming out next Thursday.

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