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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. 5.17 New Songs and Wai Wai Ensou Introduction

With the latest arcade update going live, the Issho ni Waiwai Ensou has been introduced, so it's only fair to give the pre-jump headline to a related gameplay video before spotlighting the actually-new songs!

 Taakane no Hanako-san (高嶺の花子さん) (2/4/4/6; 359 notes on Oni)
The third back number song in a row to join the Taiko series as an arcade debut doesn't shy away from the average difficulty setting of the former couple of tracks, between the average speed and mono-color clusters. Enjoy the video before it gets copyright-canceled!

 Shin Zombie (シン・ゾンビ) (3/4/6/9; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 794 notes on Master route Oni)
While generally being charted as an harder version to Sugar Song to Bitter Step, the GLAY x Taiko tie-in song is surely set to rekindle the Noushou Sakuretsu Girl Ura nightmares inside the most seasoned players, due to the incredibly-dense note clusters that are spliced in near the end! For the shadiest of performers, however, it may be possible to cheat the way to a Full Combo by achieving a lesser accuracy, much like during the Metal Hawk BGM1 days...

 GEED no Akashi (GEEDの証) (3/3/4/7; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 410 notes on Oni)
After a consecutive streak of hi-tier Anime Oni charts to sport for the current arcade generation, the Ultraman songs steer back to the Anime genre's average-difficulty-charting trope with the latest track being ported to Taiko.

 SHINY (3/4/5/7; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 466 notes on Oni)
More notes to hit and more intricate rhythm patterns to follow are awaiting the other 7* Anime Oni of the day, courtesy of this track rrom Kyoukai no Rinne. Note couples and fast-paced chart incremental repetitions a-plenty!

 Aozora no Rhapsody (青空のラプソディ) (3/4/5/8; 510 notes on Oni)
If you ever wanted to play a Feed A-inspired Oni challenge but made for a female-lead-singer Anime track... well, here it is! Fast and slow-scrolling sections are often intertwining during the play, with the average note density being on the more lenient side to something that comes close to the regular Oni variants of the Season Dragon songs.

  Aozora no Rhapsody (青空のラプソディ) (9* Ura Oni with 486 notes)
For a drastically-different way to challenge this song, however, here's a swing-styled notechart version that keeps the scrolling speed at a high pace for the whole play! Granted, there are no major cluster alterations from similar recent songs like Psi Desu I LIKE YOU, but the speed seems distinctively higher than the former tracks following the same charting trend.

 Sukatto Bachan no Uta (スカッとばあちゃんの歌) (3/4/4/8; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 495 notes on Oni)

Freed from the shackles of event-exclusivity, the snarky granny's test of Taiko stamina is now a publicly-available song, with its consecutive cluster passages and 1/24 spikes. Have fun!

 Charles (シャルル) (4/5/6/8; 495 notes on Oni)
A more laid-back 8* Oni trial, on the other hand, has been reserved to the new Vocaloid inclusion of the day, where the sustained tempo and the many back-beats make it feel like an enhanced version of previous charts in the genre, such as the ones in Yie-Ar Fan Club.

 Kagami no Kuni no Alice (鏡の国のアリス) (3/4/5/6; 443 notes on Oni)
Last but not least, here's the one song that both Japanese and General Asia Taiko players can enjoy in the arcade rooms today! Itou Kashitarou's second Namco Original turned out to bear another 6-star Oni notechart, packed with less notes than Time Traveler but more reliant on back-beats at a more steady pace.

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