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Thursday, August 17, 2017

First Video: Infinite Rebellion

  Infinite Rebellion (5/7/8/10; 1304 notes on Oni)
Daisuke Kurosawa's much-anticipated Yuugen no Ran arrangement has come to town and for the first time, we're documenting a new arcade song's coming through a Tokkun Mode video! As you can see, the reason for that is quite easy to figure out...

Yuugen no Ran's concept of "super hard notechart that comes from the future" is further built on for another of Taiko gaming's hardest trials yet, as many similarly-sounding notechart portions are integrated into new cluster-dense sections that play more on different timing signatures rather that outlandishly-high BPM (even if yes, it's still pretty high). And yes, this arrangement's Oni mode also bears more notes than the original track!

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