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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Twitter Snippets (14 July 2017) - Taiko PS4 Custom TaTaCon's Release Date

The next Taiko home console game has made a name of its own for the fact of not having a pin-pointed release, but thanks to a 2nd-sourced tweet about its related 3rd-party controller release, the riddle that is Session de Dodon ga Don's launch day might be solved! The tweet above comes from Japanese Game Schedule wiki manager Renka_schedule, stating that it was caught the notice of controller manufacturer HORI making TaTaCon peripherals for the PS4 that are coming out in October 26th, at the price of 6458 Yen.

With the previous records of HORI controllers for home console Taiko games coming out shortly after the first game of any platform's release (if not in the same launch day), it's easy to assume that the PS4 Taiko game's release is not that much far from the pin-pointed custom controller launch. As usual, of course, we're waiting for official announcements to see if this claim can be confirmed.


Oh and by the way, folks from bemanistyle.com, if you really want to copy a paragraph from our Taiko PS4 song list page for one of your articles, at the very least make sure you don't copy out Lokamp's mistakes as well :)

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