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Friday, January 13, 2017

Taiko no Tatsujin Now DECISIVELY Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch presentation has went and gone... and despite us being caught in the fake news hurricane earlier this week, we're back to talk about it due to some officially-confirmed development!

At the bottom of the Japanese Nintendo website page that is dedicated to the upcoming software lineup for the Nintendo Switch (reference link here), it's possible -in fact- to find out that the oh-so-much-familiar Taiko no Tatsujin logo is appearing among the other big names. Also take note that after the press conference reveal of this console being a region-free platform (meaning that all consoles will be able to play titles from any side of the globe regardless of their system's geographical provenience), this upcoming (and still un-named) title for the Switch will most assuredly become the very first home console game in the series that can be played in all major continental areas!


  1. "the very first game in the series that can be played in all major continental areas!" You forgot PSVITA?

    1. Actually, I even forgot the Nintendo DS titles... Fixing.

  2. Sold. Well sold out but defintely sold on the switch now.

  3. I pretty much saw this coming ever since Switch was still known as NX, considering they've released Taiko games for every Nintendo console since DS/Wii. Still, great to have confirmation :D