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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[RUMOR] Is the Taiko Switch Game Being Localized?

Unlike other rumor-labeled posts, this one mainly exists for speculation means, as the bit of news that started all the hypothesis-mongering Internet theories is originated by an official press release by the American branch of Bandai Namco. On January 13th, one of the Western branch's press releases was bringing the following title:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Confirms Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 (Working Title) Coming to Nintendo Switch in the Americas, with Tales of and Taiko Drum Master in Development

Despite the proper body of the press statement being only about the latest home console Dragon Ball game's porting, the mere mention of the localized title of the series as part of that title has already galvanized more than one people around the Internet, with the assumptions of the future Switch Taiko game being aimed to more than one geographical area sprung by the fact of the Taiko no Tatsujin series in press releases being usually relegated to the Japanese branch's officially-released statements. As usual, the only way to find out if this scenario will turn out to be true is to wait...

The press release has been mirrored by videogame website Gamasutra as part of their partnership with the PR-related website GamesPress.



  1. Would be great news if true :D Through the song list would most likely be different, as rhythm games often have problems licensing stuff like anime OPs and J-pop songs... maybe I'll get both x3

  2. god please

    except not because you know all the good music will just be replaced with western filth

  3. I really hoped for a western release as well. Unless, you know, they replace the whole song list with English music, like they did in Taiko Drum Master (PS2).

    If they're releasing this over here, and making an option for playing with JP songs or EN songs, I will be ultra hyped for this.

  4. Even if they replace the whole list I will still get it, it's good to have some western songs because in the end it's all about the gameplay for me.

    Also, given that the Nintendo Switch is Region free I'm going to get the japanese version too!

    I just wonder how the actual drumming will be handled, maybe they incorporate the HD rumble in some way, that would certainly be amazing. I have really high hopes for this game!

  5. Maybe an E3 announcement!!