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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sonority Scouts - Ignis Danse's Extra Difficulty on Maimai

While Yuji Masubuchi's first Tenkaichi Otogesai contribution has yet to receive an extra difficulty treatment in its homelands, an update that was applied earlier today to the latest models of Sega's maimai series -maimai MURASAKi version- has added a new playable trial starring the very-much heated Ignis Danse!

Unlike the regular Re:Master modes (of which we also briefly talked about in one of our past Sympho-Neighbours features), this extra mode is being relegated to the brand-new Enkai-ba (宴会場, lit. 'Banquet Hall') mode, where players are called upon to score a minimum hit-note percentage to clear the song with a chart that follows a certain theme. Ignis Danse's hinted theme is pointed out in the game's website as 'Arbitrarily Holding a Score Festival' (勝手にお蔵入り譜面祭), as in this is the first Tenkaichi Otogesai-spawned song to receive the dubbed-by-fans Utage (宴) treatment.

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