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Monday, October 3, 2016

Tenkaichi Otogesai 3 Postcards

While we're redacting our recap of the proper past Taiko Team livestream run, here's a fresh feature about the one that was broadcasted a few hours ago, concerning the returning Tenkaichi Otogesai cross-over tournament and the songs that will be involved.

As usual, we're going to focus more on the Taiko no Tatsujin part while also including some tidbits about the other rhythm game families!


Starting from the tournament's schedule, it will be structured like the past 2 editions before it, by following the Preliminaries-Area Elimination-Finals structure. The three phases will occur respectively on November 19th, December 19th (2016) and February 11th next year, with the Finals being hosted by the returning JAEPO fair over the course of 3 days.

For this edition (as we've previously heard in the past), one of the new songs will be a brand-new inclusion to the event while the other is crossed over between one of the companies involved in the Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament across the tracks made for the edition of the past year.

This round of guest songs, in particular, will take place in November (on AOU arcades only) and will see at least one song per company being crossed over to another music series, with the involved songs being decided by a draw that happened later in this very same livestream.

Starting the fair is Konami's bemani branch, with SOUND VOLTEX unveiling their new track with an extended jacket art above from the new song: Kyokuken (極圏, lit. polar circle, pronounciation guide by Konami promo), by cosMo (as in cosMo@暴走P/CosMo@BousouP) and bemani gaming's dj TAKA. As you can see, both characters from the 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai SDVX image songs will be back for the tourney fun!

For Sega's maimai series we have quite the treat, as the instrumental track known as Nitrous Fury will be lead by in-house guitarist Jun Senoue, who overseas Sonic the Hedgehog fans might know him better as the lyricist and lead guitarist of the recurrent Crush 40 band.

Groove Coaster gaming's track is quite notable as well, seeing that the also-full-instrumental song Scarlet Lance is the 2nd track made by ZUNTATA member and current Groove Coaster series director MASAKI since his inclusion into Taito's in-house musician unit.

As you can see by these pictures' posting order, the Taiko portion was -indeed- the last one! As for the other companies it started with a brief presentation to explain to the stream's viewers what the series is about in a nutshell.

...in which is revealed that Peppa Pig is now canon in the Taiko no Tatsujin universe?

All the preparation has lead to the shocking revelation that Taiko gaming's latest Tenkaichi Otogesai song is actually t+pazolite's Doku L0CANdy♡ (毒L0CANdy♡), thus making it the earliest reveal of them all. Who would have thought it?

Below are also some portions of the Oni mode notechart, in a growing escalation of notes and clusters, and notes in clusters! Please note that the combo chain was broken in different points to preserve the surprise factor.



Just like the other Tenkaichi Otogesai newcomer songs, Doku L0CANdy♡ will appear in the AOU arcades' Red Version Taiko cabinets on October 14th, with the public release presumably set after the third Tenkaichi Otogesai's ending.

After a small break, there has been a mystery draw for the guest hosts, in order to decide which of the 2nd Tenkaichi's songs will reach out foreign franchises next November. For Taiko no Tatsujin's case, the transplanted song will be REDALiCE's Masakari Blade (マサカリブレイド), from SOUND VOLTEX.

For what concerns the other franchises, Groove Coaster will get AcuticNotes's Axeria, SOUND VOLTEX will receive xi's Solar Storm and maimai will host Taku Inoue's Yoake Made Ato 3-byou from Synchronica.


Closing the broadcast is the communication that the game music ranking for each of the participating franchises in this tourney will have dedicated livestream broadcasts for their respective partial results, with Taiko no Tatsujin's livestream airing on November 14th this year.

See you in about two weeks for this event's actual beginning!

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