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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sonority Scouts - Hakurei Shrine's Autumn Troopers / 2016 Edition

Right before our weekly song showcase, here comes from us another sneak peak at what will come from rhythm gaming in general with tomorrow's Autumn Reitasai. We've already seen that Taiko gaming will have... well... quite the un-munificient additions for this event, but what about other music gaming series?

Once again, it's only natural to assume that one of the biggest Touhou Project enthusiasts out there is Taito with the Groove Coaster series, seeing how ZUN himself worked for ZUNTATA before the shmup series' rise of popularity!

Like for the past Spring's Reitasai, among other new merchandise goods it'll be released a new soundtrack album full of "Touhou Originals" from many prominent doujin units, with the main theme being Stage 3 bosses. Save for the extra track, all of the featured songs will also be playable in the featured Groove Coaster arcade in advance from the public builds, together with a Touhou Project arrange work by former GC leader COSIO (evidence link).

(plus look at that Alice cover art I mean it's sooooo nice I want to hug the artist who drew it wwwwwwwwww)

For Sega's maimai and Chunithm series, instead, five new song additions have been shared weeks prior the incoming reitasai in the public builds, leading to the actual limited events of tomorrow. While for maimai there will be a new round of limited merchandise goods, Chunithm players attending at the incoming Touhou convention can take part in a score attack contest riddled with mystery awards!

Closing the circle for this year's musical contributors list, bemani's SOUND VOLTEX series is about to break through the event with an even bigger 2-disc Touhou Arrange soundtrack, including nearly all the fan-made Touhou Project remixes that have been made playable in the SDVX series together with some new additions (that will make their debut at the Autumn Reitasai) and long versions. From the most known doujin circles to recurrent SDVX contributors and occasional submission contest winners, it's a feast for everyone to enjoy!

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